Bathroom Adaptations by Instyle

Tailor your bathroom according to your needs for improved ease and comfort. There is nothing as pleasurable, indulgent and luxurious as the experience of soaking in a bath. Just imagine the feeling of bliss and comfort as you slowly sink into a hot, steamy tub. Once immersed, the gentle trickling of water on your skin instantly removes the stresses away caused by life’s daily grind and rejuvenates your energy for the day ahead.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to easily enjoy the pleasures that bathing can provide. Some rely on the assistance from others such as the old and disabled, while others are simply concerned about the safety inside their bathrooms or are having difficulty accessing their bath space. In such cases, there is a need for special bathroom installations to benefit these differing needs, and Instyle Building and Design has all the solutions to make bathing safer, manageable and more pleasurable for all.

Whether you are looking to install additional safety features inside your existing bathroom or are looking to completely configure your bath so that it will adapt to your needs and your family’s, you will definitely be in good hands with Instyles comprehensive range of special care and assisted bathroom solutions. From level access trays and rail kits to lever tap adaptations and steps and access solutions, we got everything you need to help maintain your independence when accessing your bathroom without sacrificing its aesthetics.

You can also rely on our team of professionals when it comes to planning and designing your special care bathroom. Our highly professional in-house installers have years of experience in creating bathrooms of all sizes and requirements. So call us today and we will be definitely delighted to assist and provide you with the advice you need to make your bathroom arrangement suitable for all your bathing needs.

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