Wooden & Hardwood Flooring

At Instyle Building and Design we would like you think there are certain basic benefits of a hardwood floor that we actually don’t need to mention, like the fact that it looks elegant and most of all stylish. But there are more reasons than just those mentioned that you might want to consider:

It’s healthy

If you suffer from dust allergies, you need to know that dust doesn’t settle as much on wooden floors as it does on carpets and other flooring materials. They are really easy and convenient to clean. Actually, it has been observed that people suffering from asthma whose houses have wood floors experience fewer attacks than those who have carpets.

It Adds Value

A hardwood floor will make your house look glamorous and stylish while at the same time be very practical. Although it might seem like a larger initial outlay than carpets a high quality well-fitted solid wood floor will save you money in the long term.
Hardwood floors are extremely popular attracting buyers to pick your property from a broad selection of houses available in the market. Therefore, even if you are not planning to sell your house now, you can be assured that the investment in a hardwood floor today will most probably add value to your property in the future when you take a decision to sell.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Carpets may look nice but they require quite frequent vacuuming but with hardwood floors, all you need to keep them looking great is sweep them up and use a mop.

Better with Age

If you have ever visited a castle you will see that hardwood floors are extremely durable if they’re looked after. A hardwood floor will look even better with time and lasts for a long time!
For advice about wood flooring feel free to contact Instyle Building and Design for some free advice, samples of floors already installed by us or a no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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